Located in the heart of Texas Hill country Llano Texas. Right between Llano and Fredericksburg.

489 acres of what originally was owned by Mr. Moss with Enchanted Rock. We are the sixth generation to own this property. Located on the west side of Enchanted Rock, we are approximately 8-10 miles away from the main portion of the state park.

We feature of variety of of things at the ranch. We have a stock tank for fishing. There are granite hills and mountains for hiking or scaling the rock faces. There is a 1,500 yard sandy bottom dry creek; it’s widest point is 200 yards. All terrain vehicles, campers, and RVs are welcome! 

We offer hand digging, surface hunting, personal screening, or large screen digs for Native American artifacts. The ranch also makes for an excellent place for wildlife and nature photography.

We welcome families, youth groups, and artifact hunters. We also welcome alternative families looking for a place where they can bring their children and experience Mother Nature in a safe environment.

At the Wendelful Life Ranch and Camp Over the Rainbow, we strive to make every visit a Wendelful time!